Mike Slaats



I have multiple channels for you to reach a lot of people mainly interested in
marketing, startups, tech, and SaaS (Software-As-A-Service).

📩 Newsletter

I sent out a weekly newsletter about my vlog and in this newsletter, there’s room for a “product of the week”.

👋 Vlog sponsor

Become sponsor of one of my vlogs. You’ll be mentioned in the video, description, Instagram, and newsletter.

📸 Product placement

I’ll review your product and talk about it in my vlog, on my Instagram, and I’ll link to the website in the descriptions.

😻 Product Hunt

Let me launch your product successfully on Product Hunt. I’ll also promote you on all of my social channels

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I’m the host and owner of the SaaS Pirates Podcast. Reach over 5,000 listeners by sponsoring an episode.

💬 Partnership

Let’s talk about a long-term partnership. Note: I do not work with affiliate-only collaborations.