How to build a personal brand in 2019

personal brand 2019

What’s up everybody! In this blog post we are going to talk about personal branding. Now, wait, hold on, don’t click away if you think you don’t need a personal brand. Because you know what? You already have one. It’s a simple fact that everyone has its own personal brand. But why?

Everyone should focus on building a personal brand

So, why does everyone has a personal brand? Well, whether you build your own business or work on your career as an employee in a company: these days everyone has its own profile and thus you automatically have your own brand. Your own personal brand.

And yes, If you are building your own business, especially when you sell yourself, like being a personal trainer or coach, it’s more than obvious that you focus on building your personal brand. So, why should everyone focus on your personal brand? Even when you’re an employee?

Everyone has its own digital profile

In these digital ages, everyone has its own digital profile. Or you are one of the few people in this world that literally lives under a rock…

So, whether you like it or not, you are building your online personal brand when you participate in the digital world.

When you post content on social media, share messages on LinkedIn, writing articles on your personal blog or even when you’re just collecting inspirational photos on your Pinterest board: everything you do online can be seen by everyone around you.

It’s this simple:

  • when you have your own business: clients will look at your online profile
  • When you apply for a new job: your potential employer will check you out online.
  • Even when you start dating someone: that person will check your Facebook and Instagram and, just like your clients or your future boss, they will judge your book by its cover.

So, there here we have the answer to the question: Why build a personal brand in 2019? Simple. Because you already have on.

Benefits from personal branding

And when you actively build and contribute to your own brand, you can benefit from it. Certainly when you are building your own business, but, also when you want to make a career for yourself.

So, let’s talk about how to build one. Here are 4 important elements in building your own personal brand!

1. Authenticity

Number one is also the most important one: be yourself. Before you actively start working on your personal brand, you need to ask yourself: who am I and what makes me different from the rest? See it as the big ‘WHY’ behind yourself.

Everyone has unique skills: use them to set yourself apart from the rest. Be honest and authentic about yourself, but, remember you are operating in a digital world where everything is open to everyone. It’s smart to not always say and share what you think.

We live in a world with different people with different opinions, so, it’s useless to discuss about things you can not change like, for example, other people’s opinion about politics. Remember: everything you say and do online is traceable for years, if not forever, and can work against you. Just focus on how you can help and share valuable things about your own unique life.

2. Platform

When you know the big why behind your own personal brand, it’s time to choose a platform. The big question here: where can you find your target audience? If you want to make a career for yourself, this can be LinkedIn. If you want to build your own business, this can be Instagram.

Whatever you do, the most important thing is that you focus on 1 or 2 platforms in order to get the most out of it. Because you simply can’t go all-in on every platform out there.

Myself, I focus on Instagram and YouTube. That’s where I gain the most views, followers and engagement. In contrast to – for example – my Twitter. It’s kinda dead over there!

I choose Instagram and YouTube because I can reach my audience the best on these platforms with videos and photos.

Think about which platforms fits you the best and on which platforms you can find your target audience.

3. Share value

It’s simply all about sharing valuable content when you build your own online brand. People are only interested in you if they think you can be valuable for them. That’s just how it works in this world.

So, think about which kind of content you can share in order to help or inspire other people. If you are a fitness coach, you can share great tips on exercises or healthy diets. If you are a designer, you can share the projects you’re working on. Or, if you build your own business, like me, you can share your most valuable lessons.

It’s all about sharing value to your follower-base. So think about the things you’re passionate about and things you’re good at and try to share them in your own personal way.

4. Convert

Yeah, it’s really fun to share the things you know and learn and build your own personal brand. But, doing it all for the fun isn’t enough if you want to benefit from it.

So the last key element in building your personal brand is ‘conversion’. When you’ve built your follower base, you need to convert them to become your clients or, when you are an employee, to become your future bosses. Because, whether you are building your own business or trying to make the most out of your career, by building your personal brand you are basically selling yourself.

So, you need to give your followers a way to buy from you. For example: when you build your own business, you can link to your own website and when you work as an employee, you can link to your online portfolio or LinkedIn page.

First start with the why

The 4 key elements we discussed are for a reason in this particular order. First start with the ‘why’ before you start selling. It’s not the other way around.

I hope this helps motivating you in building your own personal brand. It’s 2019 and it’s really time for you to build one!