How to get your customers hooked

how to get your customers hooked

Getting your customers hooked on your product or service is the best marketing technique out there. Because if you can build your business as an indispensable part of your client’s structure… well.. you’re all set. Let’s dive into it!

Mastering the art of habits

So first of all, everything I say in this video comes from the book called ‘Hooked – How to Build Habit-Forming Products’ and it’s written by the brilliant Nir Eyal.

The principle of getting your customers hooked is mastering the art of habits. Knowing when and how to target your customer at the right moment in time with the right form of content, can make them hooked to your product.

Hooked method; 4 principles

Take companies like Facebook. They are using the Hooked method, which contains 4 principles;

  • Attract; Get the user to your product; Facebook made it possible to tag friends so you will get an instant notifications to come and visit Facebook again, because something’s happened.
  • Provide a simple action; So, when you are tagged on Facebook, Facebook will allow you to take a simple action as in ‘give the message a like or even comment on it’
  • Reward the user; because of the tag, the user will get to see a cool or funny message and will laugh about it. Thanks to Facebook, this will make his or her day a bit more fun.
  • Investment; because of the reward, the user is more likely to invest in taking action which will plant the seed for Facebook; the user will either tag other friends, share the messages on his own timeline or… watch other posts on Facebook and thus spending more time on the platform.

This is the perfect example on how to get your customers hooked. So, provide ways to get your user to visit your product or website now and then. Send ✉️emails, notifications or for example offers. Make sure they can take action on the messages you send and don’t forget to reward them for taking the time and ⚡️energy to visit your website.