How to start a business without money

how to start without money

Let’s talk about starting your business with zero money.

I get this question asked a lot; how do I start a business when I don’t have any money? Every time someone asks me this, I say: well, we live in a digital modern world. There is always a way to start ?.

Nowadays everyone can do it

In fact, nowadays starting is so easy, everyone can do it, even without any money. First of all you’ll have to change your mindset; you must be prepared to invest a lot of time in yourself and your business. If you do so, the money will come eventually. I also started without any money. And you know what? It’s is a good thing because it makes you 10 times more eager to succeed. It also gives you a lot of freedom in terms of creativity. But, what can you do to start your business in order to earn money?

5 steps that can help you start without money

These 5 steps have helped me along the way in starting my businesses.

Step 1: of course it all starts with your business idea and concept

Step 2: when you know what you want to do, start validating your idea before you start putting time and energy on it. Talk to potential customers; do they think it’s a good idea? never talk to friends, they are too close to you and they will either say ‘it’s a fantastic idea’ or they will burn you to the ground because of jealousy.

Step 3: Start with a basic “free” website like WordPress and make sure it’s covering all the things people need to know of what’s coming.

Step 4: Go out there! Everyone can start an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page. Start producing content.

Step 5: As for the things you can’t do on your own; find partnerships. Try bartering; exchange some of your talents in exchange for someone else’s. Or you can work together with – for example – developers or marketers and offer them a peace of the revenue or you can even make them co-founder if you like.


As you can see, it all comes down to ‘starting’ and to start, you don’t necessarily need any money. But you do need to go out there!