Mike Slaats

Introduction to Founder Mornings


Welcome to Founder Mornings, my personal diary where I share all of my learnings, findings, and other great resources while building my own startup. I’m doing this both because it holds me accountable in pushing out more content (and I just love to share all of my findings!), but I’m also doing this for you, because I remember when I was just starting out, I learned so much by listening to and reading from other founders and so, here I am, sharing my 10 years plus experience in building startups and hopefully I can help you inspire or motivate in building your own startup.

What is Founder Mornings about?

So, this show is going to be me – Mike – sharing little bits and pieces on either sharing some learnings of my own, this can be something I’ve read in a book or an interesting blog post, or actually something I’ve experienced while building my own startup or just sharing interesting stories from other startup founders that I read or hear about. So think about lessons around product marketing and building a product, but we’re also going to dive into the psychology behind building a business, so you can expect things around mindset and overcoming fear or how to deal with obstacles while building a startup as well.

I love accountability and learning new things

To give me a little accountability here, I’m going to try to record and publish one new episode each weekday. So each morning, hence the name ‘Founder Mornings’ I’m going to think about one thing I can share by recording and publishing it on my podcast show (Spotify), this blog, and in the newsletter. All of these things are basically coming from my notebook, things I’ve written down, and are things that I just love to share because I think they could be helpful to you as an entrepreneur or aspiring founder. Think about book recommendations, frameworks, marketing strategies, etc.

So, hopefully, this sounds interesting to you. If so, make sure to subscribe!

That’s it for now.

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