My 3 favorite startup books in 2018!

startup books

I want to talk about 3 of my favorite startup books that helped me grow my own business. I read a lot, but I can definitely say these 3 books have had a huge impact on me.

The Lean Startup

The first one is seen as the holy bible for startups and is called ‘The Lean Startup’. It’s written by Eric Ries and this book is an absolute must-have for starting entrepreneurs. This book will basically show you how your mindset should be when you’re starting a business. It’s all about testing and validating your business model with models like the MVP and BML method. Again, real must-have!


The second book has had the most impact on me as an online entrepreneur. It’s called Rework (book review here) and it’s written by the founders of Basecamp. This book will show you that it’s more important to DO thinks than think things over and over again. For example, take this chapter about ‘planning is guessing’ or this one about ‘Meetings are poison’. It’s basically all about the mindset; go out there and try.

Buy here: http://amzn.to/2FK0tAv

Intercom on starting up

The third book is – to me – the most important one when you are all into product development. It’s called ‘Intercom on Starting Up’. Ab-so-lu-te-ly brilliant! As you can see, I never ever used so many post-it’s in a book. It’s written by the founder of Intercom and this book will tell you all the DO’S and DON’TS when building a product. It will take you from validating your idea to hiring people and getting funding for growth.

Want to read them?