Rework by Jason Friend review!

rework jason fried

Hey guys! In today’s book review I’m going to talk about the book Rework, written by Basecamp founder Jason Fried. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. And to be honest, every time someone asks me “which book should I read?”, I always suggest; start with Rework. Why? Let’s find out!

Rework summary

So, Rework it is. Let me answer to the question why I suggest reading this book first to people who ask me to name a good book. Well, it basically comes down to 1 thing; mindset. In the book Rework you will have the chance to really work on your mindset and to cut through all the noise. When you start a business or when you want your business to grow, it’s really important to see what is really in front of you and how you can divide your time the most efficient and effective way.

Let me give you an example.

Planning is guessing

I couldn’t agree more. I remember that I had to make up a 5 year business plan to get funding for my first startup when I was negotiating with a bank. I thought it was a waste of time because in the internet business, things can change overnight. In Rework you will learn how to ook at what you need right now without losing the bigger picture. You can project how you want your company to be like in a couple of years, but you need to start now. So what you do now is the most important thing.

You will learn a lot about product development too.

Make tiny decisions

This is definitely in line with my belief that the best way to reach a goal is to start with a single step.

And then another step and so on. Too many people aim for the big picture, but they forget it’s all about taking a step and the next one. The thing is; when you make tiny decisions, you can’t make big mistakes.

In this book you will learn every aspect of starting and growing a business. From hiring to getting funded and how to treat your customers. For instance, you don’t want to please every customer you’ll have. Stick with your own vision while listening to feedback. But that doesn’t mean you have to please every single one of your customers.

In fact, if you want to please everyone, you won’t please any of them. Because then you’ll end up with a product without a clear vision and a mix of features that were only built because of a handful of unhappy customers.

My verdict

I can recommend this book to everyone who is about to start a business or anyone who has an online business. This book can definitely help you change your mindset and learn you how to focus on what’s important right now.

Have fun reading it and I’ll see you all in the next book review video.