Your product is a cupcake

product cupcake

Launching a new product is exciting, right? I know the feeling. Right now I’m building Upvoty – a new feedback tool for startups. It’s born out of own needs within my other startup Vindy – a home improvement platform with over 7k users. The more you grow in users, the more feedback you’ll get as in new feature requests or bug reports.No matter how enthusiastic I am, I’ve learned 1 really important lesson from my other startup; launch your product as a cupcake.

The concept of a cupcake

Seeing your product as a cupcake is based on how you’ll launch your product. When you launch, don’t make your product too big because no one is going to adapt it. But don’t make it too small either, because than it’s not worth adapting.

This is really important and one of the most common mistakes that founders make. Because mostly, founders want to ⛵️ ship the whole idea and vision they have in mind for their product. But the thing is, your users are not interested in your vision! When they use your product for the first time – whether that’s in beta or in an early phase, they want to see the real value and potential.

Think cupcakes, not wedding cakes!

Start with a cupcake to test the taste, structure etc. Then make a bigger cake and finally — when you are more experienced — on to the wedding cake. What I mean by this, is that you have to build features step by step.

But what about my vision?

Don’t worry. If your vision is the way to go, you will find out soon. It’s much more important to launch your product and start gaining real users and real data; they will tell you what’s right or wrong.

But of course it’s not completely wrong to stick with your own vision; when you are building your product and start gaining some users, you will definitely start getting feedback and feature requests. Don’t always say ‘yes’ to every request. Think about the greater purpose that you have in mind for your product and ask yourself; does it improve the life of all of my clients or just this 1 client?


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New #startupwhiteboard – – – ???? YOUR PRODUCT IS A CUPCAKE – – – When you launch your product, don’t make it too big, because no one will understand and adapt it. Don’t make it too small, because than it’s not worth adapting. Think cupcakes, not wedding cakes! – – – Start with a small version of your product – like a cupcake – to test the taste, structure etc. What do people think about it and what do they prefer? Based on actual feedback you will understand which features are good and which are not. Slowly grow to the baking of your wedding cake ???? – – – This Friday I will dive deeper into cupcakes in a new 60 sec episode on my YouTube channel! (Link in bio!)

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So. Start with baking a cupcake. Improve it and make it bigger step by step. It will make it easier for users to adapt your product and you will learn a lot along the way.